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Explore complex social issues and discover what is needed to generate social change

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For more than 20 years The Intersection (formerly Urban Seed Education) has spoken to tens of thousands of school students, community groups and workplaces, leading interactive Walks around the city and running creative Workshops that address creative and empathic responses to issues such as homelessness, addiction and community involvement.

You can book individual sessions for your group or class, and we are also able to combine several sessions over one or more days as part of a retreat day or city experience programme. More info on our walks and workshops.

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The Intersection (formerly Urban Seed Education) offers an insight into homelessness, marginalisation and street culture that is engaging and experiential. We share anecdotes and stories that bring urban issues alive for students and group participants. Our educational walks and workshops help break down stereotypes, introduce participants to wider cultural issues and promote consideration of the risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

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We can also provide customised workshops and experiences for your group. Just ask!