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For each session, the strict maximum group size is 30 participants. Our recommended size is 20-25. e.g. If you want 60 participants to experience the same session, you'll need to book at least 2 groups, and ideally 3. NB Walks can overlap starting times, Workshops can not overlap, apart from by special arrangement.

Please note there is a maximum of 30 students/participants per group. Recommended group size is 20-25 participants.

(Generally this is the number of groups multiplied by the number of sessions selected. e.g. 2 classes/groups doing 2 different sessions = 4 group sessions) Please write "Other" if you have a more complex request and specify below.

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We will do our best to accommodate your preferred dates and times but all bookings are subject to availability.

Please note sessions usually run for 90-120 minutes. We can provide shorter sessions if need be. If you need sessions to start by or finish by a particular time, please advise below.

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