About The Intersection Urban Learning

The Intersection Urban Learning was birthed out of Urban Seed. For 20 years Urban Seed was a not-for-profit community development organisation connected to Collins Street Baptist Church, which was passionate about seeing local neighbourhoods transformed. Gathering around food, recreation and creative art to foster a sense of home — especially for those experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness and isolation — was the foundation of a unique community development approach, where we sought to draw out the gifts, skills and potential of all involved.

For some 15 years Urban Seed’s School’s program sort to bridge the gap between the community work of Urban Seed in the city of Melbourne and thousands of students visiting the city every year. We did this by showcasing the work of Urban Seed and offering an insight into homelessness, marginalisation and street culture that was engaging and experiential and by sharing anecdotes and stories that brought urban issues alive for students. 

In 2017, Urban Seed’s time came to end with many of the projects becoming their own stand alone entity and continuing on into the future. Thus The Intersection Urban Learning was born.  We believe that education and empathy have a vital role to play in the transformation of a city and society.

Over the last 15 years we have come to see and firmly believe that education is part of the solution to the issues faced by the homeless, marginalised and isolated. We believe that education has a grassroots power to bring about a radical change in society. We apply this by inspiring and challenging some 13,000 students a year to see beyond the single story of stereotypes, to change their perspective and hear different voices and to come alongside and connect with others. We believe that Melbourne can be a radically different city, a city where loneliness and isolation gives way to empathy, connection, participation and empowerment.

The Intersection Urban Learning is where we meet the other.

We are a learning community that seeks to intersect all parts of society together.

Intersect with us and one of many education opportunities and help us to:

  • foster mutual understanding, empathy and deep connection across the fabric of Australian Society.
  • invite thought, curiosity and engaged participation in society
  • inspire imaginative responsive action to the issues our society faces.
  • create learning communities where diverse groups of people have opportunities to connect, share hospitality and empathise with each other

‘Social change is vital and realisable through relational education that invites, inspires and challenges’

Our Values



Curiosity & Questioning

Difference & Diversity