Introduce your workplace to The Intersection

The Intersection facilitates educational and challenging Walks and Workshops in the Melbourne CBD for groups from local businesses, social enterprises, and other organisations.

Hear some of the stories behind the places you spend your working hours and learn how you can engage with your city in a whole new way.

We can help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, offer different perspectives and experiences that can increase creativity, community and empathy amongst your team, and also invite you to participate in our 'Practical Empathy' Laneway Cricket competitions (see below). For more information about the sessions we offer (adapted appropriately to our audience), see Walks and Workshops.

The Intersection also welcomes Workplace Giving and has GDR status via our parent organisation Gospel Hall Inc.

Contact us for more information.

Want to make a difference?

We are seeking corporate partners for the 2019-2020 Human Library™ and Laneway Cricket seasons. We would love to hear from you!

Laneway Cricket

Expressions of Interest for December Tournament Welcome

Be more connected in Melbourne’s laneways through The Intersection’s Laneway Cricket Tournaments. Participate in a fun, uniquely Melbourne community event and empathy experience, hosted and umpired by a founding member of Laneway Cricket. Runs in February and December.

Expressions of interest welcome from teams of 6 for end of 2019.

Please email us on for more information.
Ray and Evan ready to play

Laneway cricket is part of our heritage from Urban Seed and was first played around 2005 in Melbourne’s Baptist Place behind Collins Street Baptist Church. It was a spontaneous response by some young residents in the church building to the question of how to engage with people sleeping rough in their neighbourhood. They soon discovered that many from the homeless community were interested in helping to form a game specifically for ‘them’ and other city users. Thus, a uniquely ‘street’ but safe and inclusive culture was born.

Join with us as we create space to meet the other, allowing connection to be our cure.

Participation in Laneway Cricket can also be booked as a one-off event for groups up to 24 participants, paired with ‘A Most Liveable City’ walk (adapted to an adult audience).